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Fafner - winner of the original Gold Cup 1937, ready to race in the Gold Cup 2021

Fafner with spinnaker
Fafner under way with kite

Why spend a fortune on restoring a dragon when Fafner, Johannsen 1935, winners of the first Gold Cup in Sweden, 1937, is available and ready to race?


Except for new laid beautiful teak deck and new mast step, Fafner is all original. She has full length pine planking secured to frames with copper rivets.


She has been upgraded:

  • new keel bolts
  • all iron centerline bolts holding floors to stem and horn timber have been replaced with bronze
  • bulkhead and hanging knees installed
  • fore and stainless tubular chain plates installed carrying shroud and diagonals to mast step
  • other or improvements see attached survey with 10 photos.


Enter the Concours d'Elegance event and race competitively against other classics.

For 23 years Fafner has been extremely well maintained. Varnish inside is first rate. The teak deck is set off by beautifully varnished mahogany covering board, king plank and cockpit coaming /cabin sides which are original.

Racing under classic rig, she has an excellent mainsail specially cut for a limber wooden mast. After carefully measuring the bend in the wooden mast, the main was specially made by Des McWilliam of McWilliam/Ulmer Kolius sails Crosshaven.


Or, with the aluminum rig, with all the twigs and jigs , including mast ram, reconnected, enter Dragon Classic regattas. Given good sails, skipper and crew, Fafner should always finish at the top of the class.

Before D3 sold Fafner, she was so well set up, that racing in the hot Kinsale Dragon fleet in light and moderate weather with good crew, Fafner was just as fast as the modern Pettigrows


Download more information about Fafner https://www.street-iolaire.com/attachments/fafner_survey.pdf

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