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With Don's Streets half a century of experience this book gives you the benefit of his practical know how at sea
Seawise is a collection of ideas and uses for the equipment available to the yachtsman in the 1970s. It has been updated in the light of the new equipment available today and the experience I have gained in my life time. Now in 2004, up-dated and back in print.
A history of the Caribbean and a sailing guide
"Nostalgia, humour and fact"
The Guide that opened the Eastern Caribbean to the cruising yachtsmanb and made bare boat chartering possible.
Detailed Sailors cruising guide to the Virgins and Puerto Rico
"In the beginning was the word and the word came from Street.... Since 1964 all other guide authors have followed in Street's and Iolaire's wake, avoiding the rocks and shoals Street and Iolaire discovered" —Patience Wales, former Editor Sail magazine.
Street's Guides are for Real Sailors. The only cruising guide with detailed inter island sailing directions
If you are looking to get away from it all then this is the guide for you - find quiet and even deserted anchorages in the most beautiful sailing area of the world.
The Only guide to cover Martinique to Trinidad including Tobago and Barbados in one volume
As Dick Johnson, Editor, Yachting World said: "To find a quiet anchorage buy the other guides and circle in red all the anchorages Street describes that are not described in the other guides."
The Venezuelan guide for sailors wishing to explore along the northern coast of Venezuela and the ABC islands.
This guide is out of print. But rocks don't move, so the navigational information is still as valid today as it was when the guide was written in 1989.
Work is in hand to get this guide updated in the hope to have it back in print by next season.
Guide to the Atlantic islands, Transatlantic Crossings, Getting to and leaving the Caribbean from the east coast of the U.S. and an Introduction to the Caribbean
Yes Iolaire is for sale A spectacular deal for the right person. No boat has ever been offered for sale on such favourable and unique conditions - the reason is that I have owned her for 48 years. As each year
Despite the fact that she is 104 years old she is in as good shape as boats that are only 4 or 5 years old.She needs a new home with someone who will take good care of her, sail her and has enough money to keep her in good shape.
Know how from an experienced ocean sailor of half a century
Ocean Sailing Yacht Volumes 1 and 2 is being updated having been first published in the mid1970s, there is a tremendous amount of information on boats and equipment, gear and rigging tricks of the trade.


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The story of the l985 Transatlantic passage of the then 80 year old 46’ engineless yawl Iolaire, her nineth , skipper the well known yachting author DM Street jr.’s eighth.

It was done at a time when transatlantic passages were an adventure.Iolaire had no electronic navigation. Navigation was done, DRa basic Brooks and Gatehouse DF, and a sextant.

Iolaire was hand steered all the way, the skipper Don Street, did not believe in self steering. He said” show me a sailor that relies on self steering and I’ll show you a poor helmsman that does not understand sail trim. He regularly quoted R H “Bobby “ Sommerset, founding member of RORC , owner of both Jolie Brise and Iolaire who said” I have yet to see a self steering gear that will tell the skipper of an approaching squall, or alter course to avoid being run down by a ship we steer by hand” which Street has done on all his l2 transatlantic

It was a slow passage Ireland, Vigo, Porto Santo, Salvage islands on to the Canaries. Wind filled in in passage Canaries to Cape verdes, and the passage Cape Verdes to Antigua a glorious Nantucket sleigh ride l4 days and hours.

Information on the islands varied from meger(the canaries) to non existent for Porto Santo, Salvages and the Cape Verdes.

No guides existed for the islands

The trip was an ADVENTURE , a trip to the unknown, a far cry from the ARC where everything is laid on nothing is left for chance

The below goes in if we can have the dvd’s available

ANTIGUA WEEK 85, one hour

Iolaire’s swan song at age 80 of round the bouy racing.

She went out in style , at the end of five days racing she finished a close third/​ Five points out of first , beaten by a bran new Hinkley 43 that really should have been in the cruising racing division rather than cruising Division. Two point out of third beaten by bran new Shannon 48, not bad for the old girl and a great way to end her round the bouy racing carear.


Street demonstrates the tying of basic essential basic knots that every sailor must learn to tie, quickly and reliably.

He feels that other knots are just gilding the lilly!!!!! Learn the basics well and you are all set.

He demonstrates line throwing. Bad line handling ie. throwing can ruin a good landing, good line handling throwing can bail out a bad landing.

This is a DVD that everyone that aspires to be a good crew member should view study and learn what street demonstrates.

Every skipper should show this DVD to his crew members and urge that they learn what street demonstrates.